The best coves of Cuevas del Almanzora, Pulpí and Águilas

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To visit the best coves of Cuevas del Almanzora, Pulpí and Águilas we highly recommend visiting out of high season because our uncivilized human customs of denaturing the environments and leaving everything done a crap can cloud the experience of visiting a natural environment that in its original state is beautiful. Please remember to take back with you everything you have brought before leaving the beach (cigarette butts included).

Below we have chosen 6 of what we consider the best coves or small beaches in our area, along the coast from Cuevas del Almanzora to Águilas. In this English version we have translated into English the authentic names of each cove in order to make it easier to understand the very telling meaning of their names.

Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería)

Cala del Peñón Cortado (“Cut Rock Cove”)

La Cala del Peñón Cortado is ideal for a beautiful photo shoot. Can you imagine accessing a cove of calm water through a stone arch dug between two cliffs? Imagination merges with reality in Cala del Peñón Cortado. The visit is very worthwhile, although its access is a bit complicated and the descent is advisable to do it in sports.

Cala Cristal (“Crystal Cove”)

Cala Cristal is a small cove with easy access and crystal clear waters, as its name suggests. This cove is special for snorkeling due to its small size and the number of its nooks and crannies. The use of booties or crab shoes is necessary to live the best of experiences.

Cala Panizo (“Millet Cove”)

The name of the cove cannot be more descriptive of the type of soil it has: composed of a yellow tone crushed stone. The soil is soft although the best for this type of coves are booties or crabbers. The Cove has a beautiful rock formation broken offshore that forms some great nooks and crannies for snorkeling.

Pulpí (Almería)

Playa de los Cocedores (“Boilers beach”)

Playa de los Cocedores de Pulpí, or Cala Cerrada, is a true coastal paradise that captivates visitors with its natural beauty and intimate charm. Known for its characteristic fine sand, its golden cliffs, its caves scratched into the sandstone walls and the natural pool made with stone to cook esparto grass during the 20th century, Playa de los Cocedores is a very important tourist attraction in the area.

Águilas (Murcia)

La Playa Amarilla (“Yellow beach”)

The Yellow Beach of Águilas is considered one of the most beautiful in the Region of Murcia. It seems taken from a story because at low tide you can almost walk from its shore to Isla del Fraile. But, remember that the Island is a protected space and access is prohibited. In addition, it is one of those places that lives up to its name because its sand is fine and really golden.

Playa Cocedores del Hornillo (“Hornillos’ Boiler beach”)

Playa de los Cocedores del Hornillo is a small beach of fine sand where you can still breathe the old aroma that the city must have emanated long ago. In the background you can see a beautiful picture at sunset, composed of the English pier of mineral of the nineteenth century, the Isla del Fraile and the sunset sheltered by the mountains that shelter the beach.

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