Cuevas Pulpí

Cuevas Pulpí origins date back to 1982. The restaurant was born as an impulse to return to nature and its rhythms. For costumers, it is an opportunity to explore a unique gastronomy, to celebrate events - and life.


A tradition that begins in 1982

Cuevas Pulpí’s history begins in 1982, when husband and wife Tomas and Angela opened in Pulpi a restaurant named Dulcinea.

Over the years, the place has become famous for its quality and good service. However, at the turn of the century, the couple decided to escape from the hectic pace of life that the business imposed. Driven by the need to reconnect with nature, Tomás and Ángela bought a piece of land at the foot of the Sierra de los Pinos natural area, in Cuevas del Almanzora, barely fifteen minutes from the Pulpí geode.

A retreat turned restaurant

Tomas began to cultivate that land almost in a self-taught way. He could not imagine then how the place would be like in 20 years.

Although retired from restaurant business, the couple often received requests from locals for takeout meals or small celebrations under the shade of a nearby olive tree.

One day Tomas and Angela decided to excavate the first cave in the clay subsoil of their land. Years later, this cave would house celebrations and events.


Creating a peculiar place

In 2012, Francisco, the eldest son of the marriage, decided to continue his parents’ restaurant. He carried out improvement works and excavated the underground room known as ‘The Hall’ where today the events in Cuevas Pulpí take place.

Later on the family built a new cave. This one became Francisco’s home and a proof of his love for the land and its peculiar way of life.


More family, more projection

In 2022, Cristobal, Francisco’s brother, comes back to his hometown to join the family restaurant. He adds to the project with his international experience.

The name Cuevas Pulpí comes from joining together ‘Cuevas del Almanzora’, the town where the restaurant is located, and ‘Pulpi’, where the family comes from.


An authentic gastronomic experience

Today Cuevas Pulpí is a mix of authenticity, excellence and tradition. To preserve this peculiar personality, products are purchased exclusively for each meal, event or celebration. Cuevas Pulpí is committed to organic and local production, with food often grown and collected from the restaurant’s garden.

Costumers are picked up by our staff at the meeting point to facilitate the arrival at Cuevas Pulpí, by reservation only. Once in the restaurant, each client is treated with excellent service and natural, exquisite hospitality.

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